Digital Photography-Optomap

The only optomap in the area produces an ultra-widefield panoramic retinal image capturing more than 80% of your retina compared to the 15% with traditional methods.  We do the optomap on all patients where possible, and without any additional charge for those over 60.


Contact Lenses

Wearing contact lenses gives you great freedom and convenience. Contact lenses have become more comfortable and breathable than ever before.


Children’s Vision

Eye examinations, lenses and frames are free for children, under the NHS. We advise children to have their eyes examined once a year.

Welcome to Tom McMahon Opticians

When you walk through our doors you will experience the professionalism, expertise, care and relaxing atmosphere of our family Practice Opticians in Falkirk.  As part of our commitment to providing all our patients with an outstanding service, we have invested in the latest technology for examining eyes and testing eyesight – being one of only a few opticians in Scotland using the Optomap digital imaging system.  We use the Optomap on all our patients FREE of charge.

We are in the unique position of being the only true independent optician Practice in Falkirk and we enjoy creating a unique and enjoyable experience for every person who walks through our doors.  We have an extensive range of quality frames to suit all budgets and our friendly and highly experienced staff are always happy to offer advice on style and ensure a proper frame fitting.

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