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Principal Optometrist and owner Tom McMahon MCOptom qualified with a BScHons in Optometry from Caledonian University, Glasgow in 1982. He went on to successfully complete his professional examinations and is fully registered with the General Optical Council and a member of the College of Optometrists.

In 2010 Tom became the first Optometrist in Forth Valley to attain the Additional Supply in Therapeutics qualification Dip Tp(AS), one of only a few Opticians in the UK with this status. In April 2012, Tom again became the first Optometrist in this area to become an Independent Prescriber, Dip Tp(IP). This enables him to run a “Tear and Lid Dysfunction Clinic” for the diagnosis and treatment of anterior eye problems such as, dry eye, blepharitis, allergic conditions, etc.

Tom McMahon Opticians is very much a family Practice.  As you will see below, our staff are all closely related to each other, which means they go the extra mile to help support Tom and his patients. They are also very experienced and know each others jobs very well and having worked alongside Tom and his patients for so long, they have a great understanding of patient needs.


Our Valuable Team Members

Tom McMahon BScHons, MCOptom, Dip Tp(AS), Dip Tp(IP)
Tom McMahon BScHons, MCOptom, Dip Tp(AS), Dip Tp(IP)Principal Optometrist/Director
Tom McMahon BSc Hons, MCOptom, qualified in 1982 and is the principal Optometrist and director of the family Practice.  Tom is a great believer in professional development and his additional qualifications enables him to prescribe eye medication for a range of common anterior eye problems.

Thomas McMahon BSc Hons, MCOptom
Thomas McMahon BSc Hons, MCOptomOptometrist
Tom’s son, Thomas joined the practice in 2011.  He has an Honours degree in Optometry, becoming fully qualified in October 2012.  He specialises in using the most current and up-to-date eye examination techniques.

Lynn Wright BSc Hons MCOptom
Lynn Wright BSc Hons MCOptomOptometrist
Lynn Wright has been with the practice since 1998. Lynn is originally from Dumfries and currently lives in Glasgow. She shows great dedication in commuting to Falkirk!

Wilma Perrie
Wilma PerriePractice Manager
Wilma, our Practice Manager, has been with the practice since we started in 1988. She is Tom’s sister-in-law and is a dispensing assistant, doing pre-tests and helping patients choose frames.

Karen Perrie
Karen PerrieOptical Assistant
Wilma’s daughter and Tom’s niece. Karen is our ‘glazer’, frame buyer and also does some dispensing duties. She joined the practice officially in 1991, previously licking the stamps for reminders, so she has grown up helping the practice grow.

Mary Ann Yuill
Mary Ann YuillOptical Assistant
Mary Ann has been with the practice since 1990. She is a dispensing assistant who does pre-testing and helps with dispensing. She lived next door to Tom’s parents-in-law and has known his wife since she was born.

Lillias Thomson
Lillias ThomsonDispensing Assistant
This is another sister-in-law of Tom. Lillias has also been with us since 1990 and is a dispensing assistant, doing pre-testing and dispensing.

Yvette Jess
Yvette JessDispensing Assistant
Yvette has been with the practice since 1995 when the Practice moved to our present location. She is a great friend of Tom’s wife, having met her when their children were at nursery together. She is a dispensing assistant who helps with pre-testing.

Margaret Miller
Margaret MillerDispensing Assistant
Margaret is Yvette’s mum. She also joined in 1995 and is a dispensing assistant/pre-tester.

Joyce Airnes
Joyce AirnesDispensing Assistant
Joyce also grew up with Tom’s wife and joined the Practice in 1995. She is a pre-tester and dispensing assistant. Joyce does a lot of fund raising for the Huntington’s society.


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