If you don’t want to always wear glasses but need vision correction, contact lenses offer an easy alternative. A contact lens assessment at Tom McMahon Opticians will give you the opportunity to try contact lenses both in the consulting room and in your own environment.

This extended trial period will allow you to fully experience the benefits of contact lenses and see how they can enhance your life.




1-Initial assessment appointment

  • We’ll discuss your lifestyle and help to choose the contact lenses that are right for you.
  • Examination of the ocular surface and lids
  • Assessment of the tear film
  • Discussion of appropriate lens types according to results of above
  • Application of trial lenses to assess immediate tolerance (occasionally this may need to be booked as a separate appointment if trial lenses need to be specially ordered)
  • Vision assessment with lenses
  • Fit assessment


2-Contact Lens handling lesson

  • Teaching session with qualified member of staff lasting approx 20-40 minutes
  • Lens insertion and removal technique
  • Wearing instructions / lens care / cleaning where necessary
  • Solutions and hygiene advice
  • Contact lens ‘do’s and donts’
  • Trial pack of lenses to take away to be worn in your own environment and trial pack of solutions where necessary


3-Follow-up appointment

  • Lenses need to be worn to this appointment (please wear at least 2 hours before attending)
  • Review of fit and vision, refinement where necessary
  • If any changes are made a further appointment may be necessary, which will be covered by the fee paid at the first appointment


As the only Independent Practice in Falkirk, we are not restricted to certain suppliers and can source different contact lens materials from all over the world. Some people may experience dry eye symptoms when wearing contact lenses, but thanks to new materials being used these symptoms can be dramatically reduced and in many cases eliminated entirely.

We will assess your eyes for signs of dryness and listen to any past issues you may have had with contact lens wear. We will source the latest lens materials to make sure you get the optimum vision and comfort from your contact lenses.

If your child wants contact lenses or if you feel it may be a suitable choice for them, we’ll happily discuss that with you, too. Contact lens technology has changed so much in recent years, there is something to suit almost anyone.  Click here for more information on contact lenses for children.

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